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If you have some photos that were taken in or around the Guffey area and you would like to share them with us on GuffeyNews.com, please attach them to an email and send them to Jon.Klima@gmail.com.  Here are the photo categories that we presently have.  Just click on the folder to open it up and view its contents.





The photos in the above albums have been reduced in size, where necessary, to smaller files that will load in a reasonable period of time on dial-up Internet connections.  If more than about 8 - 10 photos have been submitted, they will be contained on additional pages.  Some of the photos have been submitted in very high resolution and where noted, are available by clicking on the smaller version.  Hope you enjoy these.



Message from John Cunningham:  This is a photo album cross-section of the things I have seen and enjoyed during my first spring and summer in Guffey, Colorado. The decision to buy the little cabin which has become known as the "Hobbit House" was a good one. I have seen sights and enjoyed days and companions that I would never have had otherwise.


If you haven't been to Guffey I hope you will be able to do so soon. I have an aerobed I can use when visitors come....visitors, of course, get the "real bed"!!!


John, Cocoa, Joey & Toonie



Click here to see pics of the Library addition building project.


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